experiments in free-drumming I

August-December 2021

experiments in free-drumming is an ongoing performance of improvisational drumming motivated by digital sounds and visuals which are generated in real-time via a motion-capture suit. The performance engages the body as a sonic mediator between the physical and virtual spaces. The performer engages digital sound through hand motions and gestures, amplifying and softening frequencies while experimenting with various rhythmic sequences. The visuals generated consists of an ethereal substance that expands, contracts, and modifies its color and form based on these same hand movements. This performance offers two perspectives: an in-person perspective that utilizes projections, and an online perspective that uses filters to overlay the digital space onto physical objects. Both of these experiences operate simultaneously, providing a unique look to audiences viewing online and in-person. The pandemic prompted performance artists to find alternative and unconventional methods of sharing work with the community. This piece is inspired by the accessibility of using online streaming platforms, their effectiveness in reaching wide audiences, and the ease of extending technology to incorporate digital and sonic elements into performances.

Full performance can be viewed here.