Introducing Something Unusual

May 2020

Introducing Something Unusual is a project birthed from the circumstances of COVID-19. It is a way to document the internal mental/emotional/spiritual shifts that took place while adjusting to quarantine. My intent was to create a hybrid fictional/nonfictional story about a character (played by me) and his transformation while adjusting to the realities of facing a pandemic.

The character, named “the boy”, begins to see apparitions and hear noises around his apartment, and starts to document and record what he’s experiencing. The boy captures several figures that perform movements, emit strange sounds, and conjure ether-like clouds in front of them. These figures don’t just appear in his apartment, but begin to present themselves outside. He sees them on his walks through parks, in alleys, and even in stores. As the videos progress, the figures grow in size, and their various characteristics begin to show in the boy. Their shape and design, the sounds they emit become part of the boy.

Ultimately, this piece is about facing that which we do not understand, and the process of dealing with the realities of the unknown. As the unknown becomes more familiar and commonplace, we can then start to accept the situations and internalize it so it becomes part of who we are and how we go about life.

Full project can be viewed here.