Exhibition Statement

Sal Moreno's exhibition, "Free-drumming," merges the realms of emerging technologies and improvisational vocalized and percussive rhythm, inviting viewers on a multidimensional exploration of sound, visuals, and cultural symbolism. Through the seamless integration of motion-capture, AI-image generation, digital fabrication, and extended reality, Moreno challenges the regimented culture of marching bands, unlocking new frontiers for creative expression and dismantling deeply ingrained biases that stifle individuality and diversity.

Drawing upon his Mexican-American heritage and extensive background in drumline and competitive percussion ensembles, Moreno's exhibition takes a bold leap into cosmic realms, futuristic landscapes, and transcendent posthuman rituals. With a visionary approach that defies conventional boundaries, Moreno redefines the very essence of artistic expression within the marching arts, forging a path where the physical and the digital unite harmoniously.

At the core of Moreno's artistic inquiry lies the vibrant and disciplined world of Drum Corps International and Winter Guard International, where uniformity, synchronicity, and musical excellence are meticulously judged in competition. However, "Free-drumming" offers a subversive counter-narrative, incorporating recognizable elements of this cultural phenomenon while inviting viewers to break free from conformity and explore the frontiers of individual expression. By harnessing the transformative power of emerging technologies, Moreno liberates traditional marching percussion from its confined parameters, transforming it into an expansive tapestry of creative possibilities.

Within the exhibition's mesmerizing visual landscape, circles emerge as a prevalent motif, symbolic gateways that beckon viewers to transcend the ordinary and venture into uncharted territories of the virtual space. These portals, crafted from repurposed and modified drum heads, serve as transformative conduits, inviting audiences to collectively envision an alternative future for marching percussion, one that is liberated from constraints and enriched by the fusion of human ingenuity and AI-generated imagery. Through this dynamic interplay, Moreno's work ignites a reimagining of artistic creation and expands the horizons of visual representation, pushing the boundaries of what is conceivable and challenging conventional paradigms.

Sal Moreno's "Free-drumming" is a journey that defies categorization, an artistic tour de force that invites us to question, explore, and reimagine. Informed by his Mexican-American heritage, deeply rooted in the vibrant traditions of drumline, and driven by a passion for innovation and inclusivity, Moreno's exhibition stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and technology. It inspires us to dismantle the barriers that hinder creativity, embrace diversity in all its forms, and to shape a future where artistic expression knows no bounds.