Night Loops Original Soundtrack

January 2023

This is an original soundtrack for the indie game Night Loops, developed by Jiaquarium. I composed, arranged, mixed, and mastered every track. The process was a creative challenge of developing sounds that played a vital role in shaping the feel of the game and maintaing the intention of the developers. Inspirations include the OST's of Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil, and Little Nightmares.

"“I thought the routine would be good for my mind. It’s probably why I wanted to work at the seaside hotel in the first place.

“It may sound a little strange, but it’s easy to get stuck in here. The nights are getting endless.

“The owner and I decided Sunday would be my last day. If I can just make it till then…

On an unnumbered floor, below the very hotel you work the night shift, there lies a shadowy mansion. Can you come to terms with what its chambers reveal? Explore dreamlike worlds, solve puzzles, and lose your sense of Self in this dark, adventure game."

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